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Friday, June 4, 2010


To me, summer is bittersweet. Sure, it can be a time to relax and soak up some sun, but more often then not, I spend the time thinking about school. I miss Prescott College when term isn't in session. Call me a nerd, but I actually look forward to my block and semester classes. Its exciting to think about the new term. It reminds me of elementary school--you know, buying all your school supplies and slipping them into that new backpack, laying out your "first day" clothes and sneaking a peek at your new text books....Okay, so maybe I'm a nerd. But when has that been bad? Prescott College is the type of school that you WANT to be at. Lucky for me, that doesn't end when Spring Semester does. Summer Term 2010 has officially arrived! Seperated into 4 "blocks", Prescott College has turned into something of an educational "summer camp" of sorts. Students enroll for short, but intensive classes which can sometimes take them all over the world. Rather than creating a summer term that lasts from May to August, our Block system divides the summer into 4 chunks so students can pick and choose when they have classes. Some classes might span over multiple blocks,heading to Nepal, Alaska, Africa, or Costa Rica, while others might last only one block and either stay in Prescott, or travel to Kino Bay, Baja, Utah, or the Grand Canyon. What makes this an EVEN BETTER choice is the fact that financial aid is available for those summer months! Students who file their FAFSA forms intending to take a summer semester are eligible for 3 terms of financial aid, making summer classes not only logical, but affordable.

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