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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Difference Between Truth and Treason

This blog is for all those prospective students who attended the Preview Weekend, and for those who are curious enough to explore this amazing school.

Thank you for taking the time to truly experience what an education at Prescott College can mean for one’s journey in life.

First off, it is reasonably known that a large part of the agenda for the Prescott College admissions staff is to promote the school, but in my belief, there is also the notion that they honestly want you prospective students to be happy and grow in whatever educational environment you may find yourselves in.

As I mentioned in my final words during the Preview Weekend, when I originally looked at Prescott College, I noticed there were flaws, and from an objective point of view did not see perfection. Alternatively though, when I looked at what my life was becoming, and reflected upon my honest needs, I found that much like Prescott College, I was not perfect either. Eventually, what this came to mean that after signing my admission agreement, and three years later of exploring and fully participating in the school culture - the imperfections that I found among myself and the school no longer mattered. Just as there is no day without night, and no child without a mother, I found that Prescott College and myself created a perfection that no longer fostered imperfections, but created opportunities for growth, curiosity, discovery, and love.

When our time for graduation from college becomes closer, and depending upon who you are, it will not matter how many swimming pools the school you attend has; it will not matter how many books are in the library; it will not matter how many flavors of soft-serve ice-cream are available in the cafeteria.
What will matter are the relationships one has with the people around them; the experiences that were had; and the support received from those who believed in us enough to truly see we are capable of greatness.

For a college education can mean many things for many people, but again, when all is said and done, one will find what was truly important, and what was mere shiny objects that may someday find themselves in the garbage dump.

To better understand the road ahead, we ask those who have been there before. So, I encourage all of you who are exploring different schools, to look past those items that will mean nothing later in life, and listen to your honest needs. For myself, Prescott College was the only school that made me feel whole; this was after visiting more than eight schools, and numerous conversations with various admissions staff.

When letting go of our arrow to hit the target of our needs, no other person can see down the sight; no other person feels the pull of our string; no other person can let go for us. It is true that being given useful advice is of course, very useful; and it is also important to understand the difference between truth and treason against our deepest heartfelt dreams.

Live the journey,


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