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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Prescott College?

Why Prescott College? There are hundreds upon hundreds of other schools across the world. Again, why Prescott College? This question constantly runs through my head after reflecting upon the other schools I turned down to come here. I envision my imagined life at Princeton, Marlboro, Evergreen, Naropa, or St. Johns. Who would have been my friends? What would I have studied? Then I remember that I wouldn’t trade my experiences here for any other. Especially after reflecting upon the people I have met, the places I have gone, and the possibilities that have come true seven semesters later.

In the beginning of the college video, my friend Batya says, “Do I love Prescott College? That would be an understatement. My love for Prescott College moves me to tears.” I can sincerely relate to this quote in more ways than I could ever know. In effect, this is the first time that education has made sense to me. I have never filled a bubble in for a test, sat in a classroom of 500 students, or questioned out of boredom, “Why am I learning this?”. The assessment for learning here is through exploring, writing, and presenting; so we actually have to know what we’re talking about. My classes have been no more than 15 people who I get to know extraordinarily well. In terms of the content to be learned, everything is brought into the context of our lives, so everything we learn feels like it matters.

The above examples can be found at certain schools. Now why Prescott College? Is it because we have more vans for exploring than classrooms? Is it because I know every one of my teachers by first name, and have built incredible relationships with them? Is it because we move (Our thoughts are like our body, if we don't move, we sit)? Is it because almost every student I have met has been amazing (It's people that matter, we are the greatest resource to our potential)? Is it because I can wake up every morning and know it will be a beautiful day (To play.)? There is no simple answer; it’s all of the above, and unanimously more.

For those of you reading this, you are probably on the search for the “perfect” college. In my belief, this should start with the question of why? then how?, and then what?.

Why Prescott College? Because education is a journey, not a destination…

So explore, engage, and trust the process,

All I know - I am grateful -...


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