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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Morgoth Story Time!

I’ve been prompted to tell a heartfelt story about Prescott College!

This past semester after spring break I started to get real sick, I didn’t how sick or why I was sick until it was too late.  But to spare everyone the gruesome details I had complications from an intestinal surgery two and a half years ago (which is another crazy story).  I didn’t know this but at the end of March this year my colon had sealed itself off and nothing was passing through my system.  By March 22nd of 2012 I had already began dying and no one had a clue.

By the morning of the 23rd I thought that I had the stomach flu and the community came together and took care of me while I was horribly sick.  For someone who doesn’t own a car and walks everywhere moving around with organ failure is kind of difficult.  The students here fed me, drove me around, opened their houses, and let me use their comfy beds.  The students did this for me!!!!

Before 6 am in the morning Monday the 26th when I literally thought I was going to die from pain my friend took me to the hospital (carried all my stuff in), wheeled chaired me around, and even sat with me in the emergency room for hours!  

A few hours later and a ton of intestinal scar tissue removed I was spending a week in the hospital, of which I had as many visitors as I wanted, and afterwards I had such a heartfelt welcome at school that I knew that I was at home and these people were my family.  Even after my release from the hospital the student and greater Prescott College family are taking care of me!  

I mean… family members provide the kind of support that I received from my friends here.  I was literally dying and it was the Prescott College community that saved my life and brought me back to health!  The love is so powerful here that you can literally feel it (I accredit it towards much of my healing)!

I love this place.

I love these people.

Photo: Lucy, Ellen, Will.  These are three of many of the people who watched over me and cared for me while I was staying at Ellen and Zach’s house.  Much love to you all!!!

They are my family; they enable and empower me not only to live but to thrive!
I have a fierce passionate gratitude for Prescott College, and this is just one of many reasons why!

~Morgoth, 06.19.2012


Bonnie said...

Great story (and thanks for leaving out the gruesome details). Telling the story of the original reason for the latest hospitalization would be an excellent way to show people what The Mind of Morgoth can do. (oooooh, now there's a title for a blog!)

Bonnie said...

Great story! (And thanks for leaving out the gruesome details - ha!) I'm happy that your Prescott family is taking such good care of you. Please consider telling the original story of how your innards were damaged in the first place. Your recovery was a huge testament to The Mind of Morgoth (now there's a blog title!).