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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Choreography and Performance Showcase

The Choreography and Performance showcase is an event of its own caliber. Seeing so many works of art created by my fellow students was very inspiring. There was a lovely flow from intense haunting acts to comedic relief to outstanding flow of movement and voice that was oh-so captivating.

Among my favorites was a stomp piece that incorporated lots of beautiful noise mixed with broom work created by Amber. Through the stomps and claps one could really sense the joy and heart rhythms of the performers. Also, there was the very interactive piece created by Timon that incorporated comedy, dance and a wonderful musing on the guitar. Timon asked the audience to open and close their eyes at certain points to create a really enigmatic meandering of though and experience. A haunting Russian gypsy song was sung by Rebecca, who also created a dance performance video that pulled from the ideas of basic life forms like amoebas washing into the more complex forms of human dance and expression. Then there was a whirlpool of music from the hands of Portia on piano. A dancing piece cloaked in red marked some fine couple choreography. Also, Lucy's piece on breath and a triad of women left the whole audence holding theirs. Finally, a wonderfully upbeat and badass choreography decked out in tribal vibes created by Elisabeth left the showcase with a profound feeling of wanting to get up and shake some booty. Oh, Prescott College, the art you inspire.

Brittany Davis 6.5.2013

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