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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Choreography and Performance Showcase

The Choreography and Performance showcase is an event of its own caliber. Seeing so many works of art created by my fellow students was very inspiring. There was a lovely flow from intense haunting acts to comedic relief to outstanding flow of movement and voice that was oh-so captivating.

Among my favorites was a stomp piece that incorporated lots of beautiful noise mixed with broom work created by Amber. Through the stomps and claps one could really sense the joy and heart rhythms of the performers. Also, there was the very interactive piece created by Timon that incorporated comedy, dance and a wonderful musing on the guitar. Timon asked the audience to open and close their eyes at certain points to create a really enigmatic meandering of though and experience. A haunting Russian gypsy song was sung by Rebecca, who also created a dance performance video that pulled from the ideas of basic life forms like amoebas washing into the more complex forms of human dance and expression. Then there was a whirlpool of music from the hands of Portia on piano. A dancing piece cloaked in red marked some fine couple choreography. Also, Lucy's piece on breath and a triad of women left the whole audence holding theirs. Finally, a wonderfully upbeat and badass choreography decked out in tribal vibes created by Elisabeth left the showcase with a profound feeling of wanting to get up and shake some booty. Oh, Prescott College, the art you inspire.

Brittany Davis 6.5.2013

Dance With Cool Kids

It is always so amazing to see a full circle happen in the midst of Prescott College. This time around it happened with a wonderful class dancing with cool kids. In the introduction to dance and improvisation course we have explored so many facets of dance and how to really come to know oneselt and others through this process. On this day in particular, there was so much laughter and silliness mixed in with a really pertinent reflection of how to connect to young people through dance. The group was a mix of fifth and sixth graders, all ready and willing to break out of the box into some active imagining and movement. We danced for hours, all of us creating a playful space in which to really feel the magic of improvisation.

The full circle effect was achieved because of two very awesome people. One is Delisa, the teacher of many dance classes at Prescott College who has a knack for inviting in some of the most amazing dance teachers and opportunities for her students in this visual art. The other is Jen, a Prescott College graduate who now teaches Drama at a local middle school. Through their collaboration the students from both the college and the middle school were able to join together for such a cool experience. The kids in the class kept excitingly saying how much they wanted to dance like this every day, and I was struck by how important it was to give space for their imaginations and bodies to intertwine and allow them to simply be playful kids.

The college students were especially struck by how polite the younger group was, constantly saying thank you. And after a short period of time dancing, it was so beautiful to see the intimacy that was created. Kids holding Prescott College students' hands, giving so many hugs. So much joy. This, this part of being active in the community and truly seeing the philosophies of Prescott College come full circle, is one of the reasons I am so proud to be a student here.  
Brittany Davis 6.5.2013