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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prescott Freeskool

Prescott Freeskool is a collaborative project between Prescott College students and community members. We publish a zine-sized booklet at the beginning of every month that publicizes all free educational events, classes, shows, trails, galleries etc. Our March issue is out and we are happily distributing all over town, coffee shops, laundromats, libraries, The Catalyst Infoshop, etc.

The concept of free school or democratically-run schools has a rich history, and Prescott's involvement in the movement is at least 5 years old. This past Summer a group of us decided to focus heavily on the project and change its paper format to a 1/2 sheet booklet instead of a brochure. The intention here was to promote growth in the booklet. This is our 7th issue and an exciting moment for the Freeskool collective...

We are constantly inspired by the Prescott Public Library's facillitation of free events and classes and last August realized with on-campus activities and autonomous events around town we already had tons of content available to compile. By adding the Catalyst Infoshop as another venue for free education our vision was complete.

Torch of Knowledge original linoblock print, the back cover is from an old Boy Scout's manual(how to make paper crafts).
The September issue, our first, was three pages long. This month we are happy to see 8 extremely full pages (which is really like 28 pages of content) with original freeskool classes actually outnumbering Library events! I am so proud to be a part of a project that has doubled free opportunities in town.

We operate with the following mission: The Prescott Freeskool is dedicated to empowering our community to shareskills and knowledge freely, fostering awareness, self-reliance and personal growth.

Here is a selection of original classes by Prescott College students this month:
Dudes in the Media
Talkin' 'bout...POP Music!
Food Not Bombs
Dismantling Cultural Oppression Myths: A series of conversations
Coffee and Carl Jung
Trash, Glue, and Paint
Figure Drawing
Karma Farm Benefit Show!
Tire Sandal Workshop
Fruit tree pruning workshop
Dazzling, Delightful Decoupage!
Basic Fertility Cycling in Agroecosystems
Sushi Rolling
Kimchi making
Here's a picture of our January calendar. Clocks were a big theme...Our centerfold is always the calendar of events and all our cover art is original. We try to feature original art throughout the publication, especially the opposite of the calendar. In addition, we bind them by hand with a pamphlet stich, or run them through our sewing machines, vegan-sausage style. :)
The praxis of this project deeply reflects the educational and social model of Prescott College. We emphasize equitable discussion, self direction, community engagement, social justice, and experiential education. In addition, the Freeskool provides an incredible resource for people to see the activism and activity students and community members are doing. It sits quietly at coffeeshops saying "Hey, are you bored right now? Because here are ten things you could be learning about." The Freeskool (the collective, teachers, students and supporters) believes that learning is the most fun you can ever have, and everyone deserves shared educational experiences. As a college student I believe that the joy I have experienced at Prescott College is worth sharing with the world and the knowledge I have gained can only be truly digested through teaching.
The Catalyst Infoshop, behind all those trees.

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