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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cameras Are Awesome

Well, Zach's pictures inspired me. I went through some of my photos and picked a few out for all of you, starting with this unicorn caterpiller. The latin term: Addie'snewpromdateium.
Okay so here I am in my favorite shirt feeling really happy. This was taken at "The Lookout" behind Thumb Butte. In the distance on clear days you can see the San Francisco Peaks. I feel like I talk about potlucks to prospective students a lot. I'm not joking... Delicious.

Here is a plant full of ladybugs. This was during a lunch break on orientation. I was talking feminist politics with these bug ladies in no time, and we quickly became best friends.
This was also taken on orientation.
Let me tell you...this little cutie hopped closer and closer to me in the middle of the night and I was certain that a bear somehow decided to migrate to southern Arizona just to devour me in my sleeping bag.
That is my friend Anna's hand. She was a good sport and we plucked those out in no time. Note for the future: do not lean on cactus accidentally.
Yes. This is where I went on Wilderness Orientation. We swam under it. I may or may not have pretended to be a mermaid.
I took this picture this time last year, and it's just so Prescott College...I had to share it :)

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koitheawesome said...

Those are some good photos. =3

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