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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1st Annual Super Happy Fun Land Story Time Fest at PC

I recently discovered the beauty of school funded events here at Prescott College. Growing up in Phoenix meant that hardcore and metal shows were never in short supply. Living in a small town like Prescott however, is a completely different story. It's hard to keep a constant stream of bands coming through with a limited amount of venues and funding to keep the the gas tanks and stomachs of the touring artists full. Fortunately for us, PC has a community center that students can host free events at, as well as a student union board that will fund up to $500 for an artist to come and play at the school. Upon discovering this I immediately tried to get a free show going, since I could pay the bands and get the venue for free, figuring that would make for the best turnout and give the bands the most exposure. After many attempts to get big name acts on the bill, I decided on making it a $5 show that we could book a touring band. Now we have Jet Black Horror coming out from California, as well as local giants like The Baby Lottery, Move Forward, and High Tides Sink Vessels. The level of anticipation for a show here that's NOT folk/bluegrass or some sort of jazz-fusion mix is pretty high, so I'm really looking forward to the energy that's going to be released for this show. There's going to be some good dancing, moshing, stage dives, and sing alongs. I wonder how many people are going to see this kind of spectacle for the first time? The show happens to fall on a preview weekend so there's a large possibility that a lot of the same people that come for that will come for the show. If they've never been exposed to this style of music before, will they think that we're a school of deranged metal heads and hardcore punks? I really hope so. Maybe it will attract more kindred spirits to PC, and people will realize that this isn't a hippie school. Maybe... I'm a dreamer.

Patrick Jones

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