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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well, the semester is coming to a close and I feel pretty good about all that I've accomplished academically, personally, and politically.  I made the decision to get a double competence in Psychology and Cultural and Regional Studies and wrote two independent studies for the summer.

Some highlights from this spring:
This is my partner in crime.  We started a feminist zine last semester and my sister did the cover art for our most recent cool!

I organized a lot with my class, PERC.  We did "Coffee Talk" (free coffee, breakfast, and news publications every Tuesday morning), Game Night, workshops on health, addiction & recovery, how to graduate, time management, etc.  This flyer I made was for a textiles-themed get-together.  Laurie Silver is actually the Dean of Student Life here at the College.  Not only did she teach me how to knit, she also didn't mind my totally ridiculous pun.  I love going to a small school!

I have been developing a workshop on the three waves of feminism (and all contemporary feminisms) and their differing perspectives on pop culture.  This semester I held it for freeskool a few times, at some mini-WEB conferences (Women's Empowerment Breakthrough - Sydnie volunteers with them too...amazing organization that is very active and holds an annual three day conference up at Mingus Mountain for local teenage girls), the Praxis Youth Action Conference (my friend's senior project, it was amazing, Rebel Diaz came and did the keynote and an incredible performance), and the Nonviolence Skillshare (sponsored by the Peace and Justice Center).  I basically talk foundational feminist history and theory and then the group and I collaboratively deconstruct videos like Lady Gaga & Beyonce's "Telephone" or Jamie Foxx's "Blame It".  We discuss things like mind pollution, sexuality's relationship to political power,  art, and bell hooks.

I took a course called "Dreamwork" for block, then "Family Systems Theory", "Peer Education Practicum", and an independent study on Carl Jung, "Jungian Depth Psychology".  All of these classes were absolutely incredible.

We did a silly April Fools joke for this month's freeskool...Normally the Catalyst logo occupies the back inside cover:

It's been a wonderful semester.  And now...
I'll be doing some intensive reading of Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish as well as Madness and Civilization for my independent studies.

Don't let my degree fool you...this summer I will be reading Foucault in my hiking boots, adventuring in Colorado and the southwest. 
your student admissions counselor,

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