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Friday, April 15, 2011

Creativity, Music, and Art! Oh, my!

Prescott College as a bunch of incredibly artsy students - from glass blowing, to sculpting, to poetry, to dance. A question I get consistently is - "Well where is Prescott College's music program?". If you are having a similar concern, it is understandable. Music, for me anyway, seems to serve as part of the vital life force that runs through my body. Growing up in Boulder, Colorado I volunteered at Radio 1190, an independent, alternative station. I was always surrounded with new music, and people who were very passionate about keeping up to date with what was what... heading down to Denver to see an array of shows every week. That was my music scene growing up... I never played an instrument (well, clarinet in middle school band, but that did not stick for too long). My roommate on the other hand, grew up playing guitar, piano, singing... She brought hand drums, the key board, two guitars, a banjo, a tambourine, a violin, a harmonica... And let me tell you, she plays them all (for better or for worse).

There are some extremely talented musicians here, and people are very open and supportive, and ultimately create some amazing sounds. I was very impressed.

Whether it is sitting around in a friends living room playing music, or sitting and listening, maybe a house show in someones basement or yard, getting yourself to The Raven or Coyote Joe's (for those of you who may be 21), or driving to Flagstaff or Phoenix for a concert or music festival... You will not have to worry about a lack of music in your life.

-Hannah Jean Marshall

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