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Friday, April 1, 2011

What You'll Find Here

Prescott College students don't make much of small talk, we like to take it to another level.

Walk around campus and you'll find yourself pulled into different conversations concerning philosophy, cross
country backpacking, black dwarfs and solar flares, or even the latest in sustainable agriculture. The wide spectrum of people and the many colors of topics will mesmerize you. Consider Danny, who leads daily Tai Chi sessions in the courtyard. Sometimes quiet genius, spark him on a topic concerning philosophy or medical massage and you'll come away in awe of all you've learned. Visit Seesea at the campus HUB, where "Humans Understand Bicycles", and build your own bike from donated parts. This world wise traveling kid who has been inspired by Prescott College to put down roots can tell you anything you need to know about bikes, all while rubbing off wisdom that can only come with extensive traveling with only a pack on his back. Or chat with Rebecca, one of the writers for the Raven Review, our local paper, who can school you on methods of writing or turn you on to amazing ethnic music, from Gypsy Rock to Flamenco. Or Jordan, whose walk just fairly breathes yoga and who can scale huge rock walls in seconds, but who will catch you deeply with his talk of working with students at the local elementary school and his plans for volunteering at an orphanage in central america this summer. Don't forget Sarah, cute as a button and toughest River Rafting Guide you'll meet. Or Tiberius, flame-haired permaculture and ecovillage guru. The list goes on and on. That's what you'll find here, incredible people coming together for incredible purposes.

When it came down to picking a college, Prescott College's extensive array of interesting classes was the hook. The experience of the faculty, who are among the best in their fields, drove the hook deeper. What really drove everything home, though, was the culture and wonderful intensity of all of the different people who come together to keep Prescott College thriving. The students here are beyond their years, clearly able to pull themselves out of the "box" that at times leaves us wanting. To tell you there is no college like Prescott College is an understatement. The energy and people of Prescott College make this school at the forefront of the positive change and progression of our world.

Why not see what Prescott College can help you make of your own incredible potential?

~Brittany "Davi" Davis

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