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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fun-Dimensions at Prescott College

When I was asked to blog for the Admissions Office I was set on trying to think of a story that captures a typical “Prescott College moment”. This begs the question “what is a Prescott College moment?” For me a Prescott College moment consists of anything that evokes the response of “Oh, of course, Prescott College” or something similar to that. The reason I mention this now is because I have a feeling that this will be a running theme in my blogs.
  • Something about Morgoth: Morgoth is trying to learn to use his other senses to listen to peoples energies. Thought is a type of energy (or at least so claims Morgoth), and it makes sense to some that one might be able to sense certain vibrations of energy such as thought through alternative means.
  • The Scenario: At a friend’s house after classes kicking it formulating plans for dinner. Morgoth notices his friend Jon on the couch and something isn’t quite ‘right’.
After quietly observing for about 20 minutes or so I noticed something was different about him that day and that he was most definitely chewing on something. It is not uncommon to see him lost in thought or contemplating something big, but something was different. I couldn’t tell if something had happened during the day and he wasn’t feeling too good about it, or if he just learned of some troubling news. Whatever he was thinking… I could feel it on the other side of the living room.

Eventually I spoke up and asked him what he was thinking about. To my surprise it wasn’t what he was thinking but HOW he was thinking. That whole time I was trying to pick up on ‘what’ he was thinking and I was totally confused (no surprise there). He goes on to tell me that his Natural History & Ecology of the Southwest course was blowing his mind. Out in the field observing various trees and small plants my friend was encouraged to listen and experience what he observed through different means.

The reason he was so deep in thought in the evening was because he spent the day thinking in ways he had never thought before. It is no wonder that I was thrown off by it! I had a good laugh when he told me it was a matter of how not what he was thinking and that it was all because of the field day he had.

I thought to myself “duh, Prescott College” and there I had my Prescott College moment! This wasn’t the first time I have talked to a friend and have noticed a shift in their consciousness because of faculty empowering the learning experience itself rather than just convey thoughts linearly. I was simply taken back by being able to FEEL the difference in how my friend was thinking. It demonstrated the amazing change and development that can happen in a single day of classes here at Prescott College.

Here we are encouraged how to learn, and not just what to learn. Here we are empowered to be competent in the moment and not just test time. This is Prescott College, and I think I have a big fat squishy crush on the school.

So I asked my friend if there was anything else “fun to mention” in this blog, of which they responded with a confused look and asked “Fun-Dimensions?”- Hence the blog title!  Because Prescott is a “Fun Dimension” to be at! 

-Morgoth, 03/2012

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