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Monday, May 21, 2012

“Prescott’s Characterful Nature”

Recently, I was presented with this question by my employer at admissions:

"What's one thing you would want to tell someone about your experience at Prescott College that they might not find out on their own or tell from the website?"

Almost immediately I thought “Prescott folk are weird!” but then flashbacks of me freaking out my boss while saying this to prospective students come to mind. So I was trying to think of another way to express this. The word characterful does nicely I think!

char•ac•ter•ful - (adjective)
1. highly expressive of character: a characterful face.
2. having remarkable character: a characterful prose style.

However, this doesn’t really express what I am trying to say here and why I thought it was important that students know this (considering they can’t acquire this information on the website). My co-worker Claire (hi Claire!) mentioned that there needs to be some type of qualifier that that denotes we are all weird in the sense we are ourselves. With that in mind I think what I am trying to say here is…

Prescott College students are comfortably themselves!

Picture: The Environmental Advocacy Club posing after a successful campus trash pickup, we are pointing at the sky to be confusing on purpose!
 This isn’t necessarily upon entry… there is something about the whole Prescott College experience that provides multiple learning experiences that allow students to feel ‘comfortable in their own skin’. Once the jitters of attending a new school seem to fade students undoubtedly seem to change. Even as a new student I noticed something different about the current students, but now that I am a ‘senior’ student I’ve noticed it with the most recent incoming class that I’ve seen this change into comfort.

The comfort doesn’t necessarily mean school is easy! It just means that I have noticed most students here feel comfortable being themselves. Because folk here are uniquely and beautifully themselves I tend to use ‘weird’ only as a term of endearment. If my friends here weren’t themselves I couldn’t be me! I want them to be all that they can be, and I wish the same for all new students as well!

Therefore the one thing I would want to tell someone about my Prescott College experience that they might not figure out via the website or something is:

“Be totally uniquely and beautifully you; and not to worry about ever not being yourself! Everyone here is wonderfully weird/unique/characterful and it’s seriously AWESOME! This environment genuinely wishes people to thrive and all who they are meant to be. However long it takes will be just fine at its own pace, people find comfort at different times. This is a journey after all and journeys are meant to be enjoyed!”

(L-R: Claire, Jack, Kyle, Matt, Morgoth, Lucy, Rafiki crossing the AZ border from CA going back to Prescott during a 16 hour van ride)

(Blog note: I was looking for silly pictures of students for the blog. After finding this picture and talking to Claire about the picture, I comment “why aren’t you and Jack being weird?!?” To which Claire replies “don’t get angry at us, Lucy looks normal too!” of which I subsequently lose it and start laughing because how ridiculous the argument was.)

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