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Monday, October 15, 2012

Senior Project Time!

Everyone in the campus undergraduate student has to complete something called a “Senior Project” in order for them to graduate from Prescott College.  I know that I am planning something to huge for my project and that I would need more time to work on it; this is the reason why I started my senior project a full semester early.  The part I wanted to share with everyone was one of the focuses of my project; and that is the human IMAGINATION.

The more utilize my imagination with friends the more I learn of the wondrous properties of the imagination.  Here at Prescott College I am able to do the scholarly backing necessary to support my own experiential journey/research.  The scholarly research compliments my own journey; it does not supersede it. 

I would like to share with whoever reads this something interesting about the imagination that I have learned recently; and that is that it help cultivates and open mind (to an amazing degree).  I've tried meditation, focusing on Raja Yoga studies, and various mind exercises to help cultivate having an open mind.  Yet being able to “envision” something that isn't” seems to help cultivate having an open mind much more than I expected (it’s easier for most then trying to meditate).  The process of the imagination helps with “limitless notions” or with ideas of “creation”; and this inspired a question that I would like to ask everyone!

“What inhibits and/or cultivates your Imagination?”
“What inhibits and/or cultivates your Limitless Nature?”

image: real life PC students at a potluck (natural environment)
Chew, ponder, share… and of course enjoy! 

I look forward to peoples responses.  I will be using the perspective and wisdom of my peers to aid in my Senior Project!


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