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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Collection of Masterpieces

A splash of color and spectrum of absolute awesome. We painted on the floor, we painted on paper, we painted on each other. Perfect timing for the Tuesday night Art Jam. Just a night, but this night was spiraled up into a mix of artistic expression that rushed forth from many an outlet...laughing and creating while others jammed out with the guitar, drums, didgeridoo and just their voices. There was a noted building of creativity, all of us relinquishing our vibrations to syncopation, all adding in our little bit of somethin' somethin' to the palette of fantastic. All the little stories interweaving, giving way to what we decided to make that evening. The end result: a collection of masterpieces, still and moving.

This idea of interweaving the skills and stories of all those who come to Prescott College is the thing that has struck me most about living here. The love I have for this school is beyond measure, but can be read and felt through the amazing people who are drawn to this place. Like a well placed punch to the jaw, they'll knock you on your...well, ask me later...and leave a constant laugh on your lips. They come from the cities, from the countryside...from all over the country, really. All to this mountain town tucked in the midst of a national forest, brimming with life and potential. It's incredible, too, how many people I find here who seem to exude the definition of renaissance man or woman; anything they touch turns to gold. The liberal arts and multidisciplinary mindset of Prescott College allows for the greatest growth in this uncanny ability to adapt and understand new things, all while becoming a more well rounded and responsible global citizen. So cheers to the stories, cheers to the mix, and cheers to the masterpieces that always seem to flow out of this...this school, this haven, this work of art in the deepest sense: Prescott College.

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