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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sycamore Canyon

Prescott, Arizona is surrounded by intense natural beauty. Flowing from the riffs of canyons and bouncing off the geological masterpieces tucked in the great pine forest that cups this lovely mountain town is a sense of wild that is oh so lovely. When one wants to embark out just a little further from Prescott, one finds so many places worth dedicating time to exploring. One of these is Sycamore Canyon.

Sycamore Canyon is located a little ways from Prescott, but most definitely worth the trip. When hiking down into the canyon it feels like stepping into The Land of The Lost, or through a portal into some sort of paradise dimension. The canyon walls are a bright rusty red, juxtaposed against the green of the plants and the Verde River that flows through it and the many blues, purples and pinks of the river rocks. Breathtaking, to say the least. Like walking into some sort of oasis, it often reminds people of a picture of the Amazon. Lush and green, yes, this is the high desert.

Many Prescott College students come to this place with much respect for the wildlife and beautiful hiking that can be found. Also, a rejuvenation of the spirit. Sycamore Canyon has long been said to be very sacred to humans who live in this region, even from back in the days when the Apache and Yavapai Indians roamed free until now they speak of its power. Just breathing in deeply in this wonderland one can feel the absoluteness of this spirit. Another reason to love Prescott, the fact that Prescott College’s students hold such importance in connecting to the natural world around them. In this connection lies the answers to our happiness and the contentment that can be found in this extraordinary desert paradise as well as the world at large.

Brittany Davis 7.22.2013

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