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Monday, July 8, 2013

Tsunami on the Square

Once a year there is a fantastic festival that explodes in downtown Prescott called Tsunami on the Square. On the courthouse square a giant stage is erected and performers from all over come to do powerful shows. There are acrobatic stilt walkers, fire dancers, capoeira performers, live music and thousands of people decked out in their most outrageous attire. When one steps into this rush of awesome, there is wonder at how such a cool festival could be happening in small Prescott, Arizona. Not only are there wonderful performers, though, there are also many booths and independents who support ecological movements. It’s an all around funfest, from the beginning parade to the end of the night full-on fire performance, all with an eye for how humans affect their world.

This year I was very lucky to be a part of the end of the night fire performance. I spin with a local fire troupe called Pyroklectic, and a group of about 20 of us put together a 30 minute choreographed performance piece for the festival. The performance was called “What Do You Do With Your Light?”,(yes note the fantastic pun) and centered around the transformation of people through ceremonial life events and honoring the escape from being a “drone”in a system that doesn’t have your best interest at heart. With huge pyromaniac tricks and unique tools like a giant flaming umbrella to go along with all the general fire goodies like fire fans, swords, staffs, and poi, there was quite a stir caused in the crowd for the end of the night.

What I love about this town doesn’t just end with how amazing Prescott College is or how beautiful the scenery is, but extends into the super creative and very conscious community at large that has been attracted here. Thankfully, these conscious people are not too new-agey, but genuine and humble in their connection with nature, the arts, and the people around them. What a balance to strike, and what a cool gift to live in a place that honors these values.

Brittany Davis 7.8.2013

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