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Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Adventures

Everyone is back from the summer, with lots of cool tales to tell. So many adventures to hear of it is stunning. Prescott College students really have a way about them, these are just some of the tidbits I’ve heard:

Spear fishing off the coast of California. Assisting in a World Leadership conference in Japan. An epic mother-son trip through Peru. Working an all boys social justice development camp in Vermont. Tropical studies in Costa Rica. Building a Permaculture non-profit in Dallas. Managing a 200 acre local farm. Learning survival skills and sacred geometry in the Superstition Mountains. Leading lots of kids on backpacking trips in Minnesota up by the boundary waters. Making a film that showed at a cool film festival. Going on a tour with a band up the west coast. Falling in love in the forest. Teaching at a surf camp. Developing an independent theater company. Hitchhiking all over the country. 

For myself, I spent most of my summer in Prescott… running in the woods, dancing and making music with friends, soaking up the beautiful static in the air just before a monsoon rain comes through. Centering, transforming. As everyone returns and settles back in to the new semester, I am seeing the changes in people, the growth. How striking to see my peers becoming wiser and expanding their lives through time, constantly studying and learning even when school isn’t in session. 

As we all greet each other again, one saying is fresh on everyone’s lips, “It feels so good to be back.” - Brittany Davis

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