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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's In A Prescott College Student's Head

Stunning, stimulating, oh so captivating. All the inner and outer workings of the world...Philosophy, anthropology, agroecology, adventurology. Yes, adventurology. Interwoven in all things Prescott College students are active and learning about is a never ending sense of adventure. Timeless in it's values, this sense of adventure pushes students to the heights of mountains, the crevices of inner expression through the arts, and ultimately the precipices of creating new systems theory within education. 

A complete dichotomy of what it means to be the bombshell individual within the altruistic nature of real community. A daring of spirit and virtue that is inspiring to behold in such young folk. That is what this sense of adventure creates.

I recently ran across an amazing piece of art that my good friend purchased. Here, in the intricate workings of Master Mercury's Universal Head Case, is found a feeling of boundlessness within a helmet of astonishing creativity. I knew upon looking at it that any Prescott College student would flip at it's beauty. I realized they would do this because the beauty and intricacies of this helmet lay within themselves as well. Shown are so many archetypal images of spiritual leaders and philosophers, forms and patterns of nature, and a climb up to a most fantastic symbol of the grand idea: a light bulb. This is what flows from the minds of the students at this school, ideas that in their genuine grandeur will change the world. - Brittany Davis

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