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Monday, September 16, 2013

Little Gardens Everywhere

All around Prescott there are amazing little gardens in bloom. The movements of permaculture and urban gardening have really taken in this town, especially in the the Prescott College community. There is really something to be said for planting and keeping your own garden and having such a close connection to the food you eat. I can't speak fully to the satisfaction of pulling my own zucchini, choppin it up and feeding it to some hungry friends. The mm mmm's that accompany the meals make the whole process of watering, pruning and enjoying the plants that much more awesome. I have been inspired by the different shapes these tiny gardens can take, even being situated on a patio in tons of little pots:

Prescott College is one of the only colleges in the country that has a Permaculture Design Certification program. Through this class I learned the ins and outs of how to connect to a piece of land to create a thriving garden of eatin', flush with practices that are inspired by nature. Even in really small spaces one can create lots of food to share, and if you think of that saying you are what you eat then…

Prescott College also has its own set of gardens right on campus. One of them is even set onto the rooftop of the school cafe, growing prickly pear cacti among other things that the cafe harvests to make delicious sweet jam and syrup. 

A little water, soil, sunlight and inspiration go a long way here, that's one thing for sure! - Brittany Davis

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