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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sedona – Brittany Davis
 Up just a little bit north of Prescott is one of the most beautiful places in Arizona - Sedona. With its cascading red rock masterpieces, the place is extraordinary to say the least. The soil is actually vividly red, full of iron oxide that gives the land in and around Sedona a visually stunning and magical feel. Speaking of magical, many go to Sedona for its famous vortexes. These vortexes are energy centers which people come from all over to experience.
 In certain areas the vortexes are said to even cause the trees to grow in emphatic spirals. When I first heard of these I was interested, but also somewhat skeptical. Some things just come off as too oovey groovey for my tastes. Going to the top of one near a red rock monument called Bell Rock, though, I was taken aback. It really did feel as if something was swirling and rushing through the area. My companions also felt the same, and it was amazing to behold. 
Overall, this place serves as a great getaway for Prescott College students to go enjoy the outdoors and the arts; just another one of those lovely places that makes Arizona an awesome home. 

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Melanie Jones said...

Prescott seems like an amazing school with beautiful and picturesque scenery(: I'm a high school senior in Maryland and I'm most likely going to apply sometime this year because I've heard things about Prescott and it seems like a college I would love