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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumn changes in the High Desert
Prescott boasts a pretty wonderful phenomena in the autumn. Though the town is surrounded by evergreens in the National Forest, there is much color change grandeur to be found as well. The autumn's here are glorious, filled with such a spectrum as to make the eyes wide. The autumn's here are still pretty warm, keeping the desert feel, but since it is the high desert we get a share of some nice good autumn flow in the breezes that blow through. 

Just a little further south there is a wonderful change in the Sonoran Desert too. Prickly pears have their fruit all over, and Prescott's own pricklies are being harvested and enjoyed all over. The colors, again are striking.

Looking closer at the changes in the leaves, it is amazing to see the minuscule details behind the transformation... a lot of the change that happens within people this time of year too. Classes get into full swing for the semester session, and all the little rivulets of change become more and more apparent as students fill up on knowledge. Come the change, I say, come the change! - Brittany Davis

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