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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Aztec Hopi Run

An amazing event has taken place partially in Arizona, passing by Prescott in a powerful wave of ancient prophesy fulfillment. The Aztec Hopi Run was a ceremony that consisted of people from the Aztec lands in southern Mexico and the local Hopi running over 1,800 miles to bring sacred water from the north to the south and sacred fire from the south to the north. The Hopi people carried water from their springs, representing the life force energy and the need to respect and protect water in our world. The Aztec response of carrying fire from the south was to balance the dualistic natures of both elements. This ceremony was on the whole to bring about the Age of the Eagle or Condor, an age when humanity remembered its intricate ties to the earth and each other. 

The carrying of the water and fire in small sacred vessels was an epic site. As the runners from the different tribes crossed geographical places of power, there were more ceremonies held in the honoring of the coming together of these elements. It must be acknowledged, the beauty of two diverse cultures coming together to honor the energetic forces of the world and one another. 

The support of the people of Prescott for these runners consisted of food, places to sleep and enthusiasm. So cool to see this community support this beautiful ceremony. Speaks a lot to the values of the college, too, the bringing together of so many cultures for the greater good.

Pictures of this run can be seen on facebook under Hopi and Aztec Run. 
Cheers! - Brittany Davis

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