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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dr. Patrick Flanagan 

A regionally local genius has really effected and influenced many at Prescott College. Dr. Patrick Flanagan is one of the world's best known scientists, one of the top scientists of our time. His life work is most definitely changing our world for the better. Flanagan has written books focused on Egyptian sacred geometry and pyramid power as well as holding several patents as an inventor. His inventions include many holistic health products like megahydrate(one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world that flushes radiation and toxins from the body), crystal energy(that reconstructs the tension in water, allowing the cells in the body to take in 64% more nutrients), the Sensor V(a treasured metals medallion proven to aid in healing processes), and the neurophone, which has many properties still undiscovered but allows deaf people to hear music when they wear it as one of its few properties.

Patrick and his wife Stephanie travel all over the world teaching. Patrick has often been said to be Nikolai Tesla reincarnate, as he has continued research of Tesla's and been able to reproduce and expand upon many of his experiments in highly effective ways. I was first introduced to this man's work when a fellow student at Prescott College told me about reading his book, Pyramid Power. Since then, two of my good friends have gone to work for him in Sedona, and I have been so impressed by the things they have learned. 

My introduction to Patrick's work has been amazing, and it is telling that the students at Prescott College are drawn to his research. He is proving scientifically, along with many other scientists who work within the field of quantum physics, things of a metaphysical or mystical nature. It is wonderful to see students who are so young be so taken in by the extraordinary work Patrick is doing, and inspiring to think about what he may do yet to affect the students in this community. - Brittany Davis

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