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Monday, February 3, 2014

Prescott People

I truly love people. 

I love their stories, and their quirks, and the fact that there is so much about them I will try to understand and never will. I love those innumerable connections that link us all to the six degrees at separation, and the deeper ties with people that cut into our minds, souls, and bodies and ultimately define our lives. 

Now, at Prescott, it's more like two degrees of separation and everyone you do know has already cut into you and everyone you don't, you want to.

When I visited Prescott almost a year ago, I came to a pretty profound realization that ultimately led to my decision to go here. Bizarrely enough, I have a few friends from my tiny town in Middle-of-No-Where, New Jersey, who all live together here and go to PC. I decided to visit them over my spring break last year, when I was in-between colleges, feeling lost and indecisive and desperately needing to adventure out of the east. 

I was so lucky.

During my week stay here, I met so many people. People who by now have graduated, or are almost graduating, or have as much time left here as I do, but people, people, people. People with plans, people with direction and some without and some who knew exactly where they were going to go after this stage in their life and some who didn't care, but in each person I met I saw something I had really never seen before. I saw this passion, and as cliche as the saying is I'm going to use it because I saw it-- I saw a fire in every one's eyes that burned inside of them and lit up the path they were on to ultimately, change the world.

Orientation with some of the best people I have ever met!
(I'm the one all the way on the right)

Now, almost a year later, I am here. I just began my second semester as a Counselling Psychology student, and I feel that fire. I have met many, many more people, who I see it in them, too. This passion, and want, and sometimes even the need,  to do everything with the intention of making the world better. 

I truly believe that everyone who comes to Prescott College comes here for a reason. I know people here from all walks of life, that come from places I can't even imagine and have been through things I will never know the feelings of, who have been through the ringer and at the end of the day still do everything they can for the good of others. 

The people I met that one week last March inspired me to ignite as much as I could within myself, and lo and behold, I am here. I have never made such deep connections with strangers that I now consider my best friends. I am so appreciative of the Prescott community as a whole, and of each Prescott person out there. 

--Steph Doss

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