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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dancing at Prescott College

I couldn't possibly use words to try to describe what dance means to me. Movement is a language I've been fluent in for many years. In high school I studied the performing arts and developed a strong appreciation and admiration for artists of all forms. 

My relationship to dance has been a rocky one, though. I've found that some techniques can be so rigid and some teachers can be very harsh. Dance is hard on the body, hard on the mind. It really shook up my confidence as a teenage girl who often struggled with body image issues.

photo by Rosalie Whatley
As I walked out of the performing arts and walked into experiential and interdisciplinary learning at Prescott College, I really found myself craving dance. It's my outlet. My passion. Seriously. 

We're so lucky to have a healthy, thriving dance department here at PC. Block and semester classes like Nature and Dance, Dance and Improvisation, and Choreography in the Community are offered, plus there are a number of workshops (all free for PC students) so that we can get a taste of things like social dancing, contact improvisation, Butoh, and more! 

This all takes place at our Granite Performing Arts Center located at 218 N. Granite Street!

In my past two years here at Prescott College, I have come to see that I am an artist. Dance, music, drawing, writing. Art just makes sense to me. Until recently, I tried to suppress the artist out of me. I thought pursuing a career in art would mean that I would struggle financially for the rest of my life. I still feel apprehensive, but I know that I am learning useful skills that will help me when I graduate. Things like interpersonal communication skills, networking, highlighting my assets, finding ways to really express myself through different mediums. And! I've gotten to share my art with a lovely, supportive community of people here. 

Jenna Trizzino

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