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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Coming To Prescott

This past week, one of my best friends from back home, Maura, came to town to check out Prescott on a little bit deeper level. She has been considering coming to school here and it was really neat to hear her thoughts as she delved a little deeper into the Prescott community. Many of these thoughts she was sharing took me back to my experience of first truly discovering Prescott and how amazing this place is. 

One of the main things she said constantly- everyone is so nice and genuinely interested in me! Introducing her to many of my closest friends here was a treat, watching her immediately welcomed in with warmth. The warmth I speak of is so true to Prescott, people in the Prescott College community are generally of very open minds and hearts. Prescott College students really seem to thrive in diversity, and new concepts and people are met with open arms. This is so cool to see, and speaks to why I personally believe Prescott College creates a place for intense growth in an exponential manner. People truly thirst for knowledge, working hard and questioning the standard, which is another level of higher level thinking which I see more and more often here.

Maura also spoke often of the consciousness of people here, the awareness. Whereas in our hometown there are a lot of cookie cutter colleges which house thousands of young students with no clear drive and lacking vision, here the passion of the students in their work is tangible in so many ways. There is a very powerful saying: when the people lose their vision they die. At Prescott College the searching out of life's work is to be found here in full force, drawing from so many intense intrinsic issues within our culture and modern society. Vision lives on. 

This is what I found to be so striking, living vicariously through Maura's excitement. Here vision lives on, and in that envisioning, is birthed hope. Hope for a bright future, for solutions to disasters that have been plaguing our young generation for so long. In this hope I see the faces of all the new and prospective students coming here. To envision this, truly, is to see inspiration in its most raw and fine state. Cheers to Prescott College, and to Maura, and to all the new students who will make Prescott College what it will become. - Brittany Davis

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