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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snuggle Bunnies

November has proven itself to be my busiest, and most favorite, months in Prescott yet. While transitioning into the colder nights and slippery mornings (there’s sneaky frost on the ground!), classes are getting into the niddy griddy of their focus, and folks are gearing up for the holidays, I have very much enjoyed observing the seasonal changes while fully being a part of them. I have experienced feelings in the past of sadness and isolation as the transition happened from fall (my favorite season), to winter… and this year has proven itself to be more fruitful than I could have imagined.

I visited my home place, the Mid Atlantic, for a few days in mid-November, and the reconnection between my family and friends and myself, truly made me realize that you get back what you put out into the world.  So, I have focused on giving myself to my studies, the community, and carrying out intentions that I had set when I came here.

I have remembered to read books for pleasure and to take pictures. If people asked for help, I was always willing to do what I could. I began to give constructive feedback to those who are close to me, as well as coworkers, to improve our relationship (I think it’s working).  I have been working on letting go of relationships that have not been a positive addition to my life, and remembering to foster the relationship I have with myself.  

I thought about all of this the other night while I was talking to a friend about the elements within Chinese medicine. There is an element that is associated with each season, and winter is no different.  Water, the element that corresponds to winter, points us to that dark, quiet pool within ourselves where our essential self-identity resides. We can use the energy of this season to more deeply discover the essence of our self.

So, as the semester finishes up and the days get colder, I have changed my position to gain a different perspective of winter. I welcome the space to appreciate the solace that’s associated with self reflection.

Plus, I always enjoy the season that’s full of desserts and naps.

Happy Turkey Day!


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