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Friday, November 22, 2013

Perspectives From All Over

Prescott College is an epicenter of epic, drawing in people from all over the country. People flow in from the mountains, prairies, oceansides, cities and middle of nowheres. In that flow is so much perspective, so many different points of view that come together to learn and potentially solve the world's problems.

The college holds a level of inclusiveness that draws so many to feel welcome in the beauty of these cacti and pine scattered mountains. Prescott is often said to be a vortex, bringing together people from so many different demographics to one place where they can all agree on something; that Prescott College is an inspiration to understanding how we connect to our environment, to social justice, to liberal arts.

It is refreshing to get so many different ideas and views on how the world works and what can make it better. The folks here all draw from a depth of diversity, often coming upon deeply ingrained questions of what it means to really be open minded. Opening oneself beyond what one has grown up with is a beautiful challenge, and here the opportunities abound to let oneself let go of what you've always known and take a bound and leap in someone else's shoes. Those shoes, like you could imagine, might do more than just surprise you. They might inspire you to waltz and run and rock climb all over the country, to explore all the places that the community here comes from. What an epic gift, these perspectives from all over...Brittany Davis

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