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Friday, November 8, 2013

Spotlight on A Locally Started Non-Profit

Amazing things come out of Prescott, it's true what you heard. There is a very powerful non-profit that is making headway, started by local enthusiast and extraordinary man Jacob Daveaney, called Culture Collective.

Jacob Daveaney has been an active part of Hopi and Navajo life in Arizona for years, constantly supporting these peoples against adversity and poverty. Even that which is caused by our own United States government. Jacob was inspired years ago to take a broader look at things in the world, starting with the experiences he had here in Arizona about what it means to accept and support cultural diversity.

This culmination of thought and action created the Culture Collective. This collective speaks to the traditions that cultures have, celebrating diversity and bringing awareness to cultural practices of the world and subcultures. Through learning about these practices, people have been able to broaden their perspectives to an inclusive rather than exclusive understanding of the world and its ways. Many of his projects support digital media film scores that are incredibly educational, a way to reach the masses in a stunning fashion.

Jacob Daveaney has been actively mentoring Prescott College students for a long time, and I am happy to say I have also been inspired by him. I am excited to see where our work goes in the future, as he is supporting one of my senior projects connecting the earth harmonious practices of cultures. 

What a light to the world, this non-profit and this man. Prescott continues to turn out all the extraordinary people and projects it can...

Brittany Davis

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